Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospices

domaine Wolfberger


A historic house that has become international since its birth in 1902, Wolfberger has played a major role in the evolution of the vineyard, tirelessly pursuing its quest for excellence and authenticity. This house respects the precepts that have presided over the existence of this group of winemakers, eager to produce quality wines together. When, in the 1970s, the wine world finally discovered the richness of the Alsatian terroir and saw the birth of Crémant d’Alsace, Wolfberger was already well established in its territory. Always at the forefront of technology with strong visionary business development, Wolfberger quickly made its wines, Crémants and Brandies from Alsace famous across the oceans. International awards attests the efforts of the Wolfberger teams. Having risen to the top of the Alsatian vineyard brands, Wolfberger celebrated in 2017 its 115 years and now shining around the world. Wolfberger is the only actor in the French wine world to have obtained the ISO 22000 and ISO 50 001 certifications.

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