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domaine Klipfel

Maison Klipfel

Maison Klipfel was founded in 1824 by Martin Klipfel and is now a 40 hectare family business. Martin acquires the prestigious Clos Zisser in 1830. His son and grandson, Eugène and Louis Klipfel, bring to the domain an important development. They were among the first to produce “Vendanges Tardive” and “Sélections de Grains Nobles” in 1921 on Clos Zisser and Kirchbergde Barr, more than sixty years before the official designation of these two mentions.

Developed by André Lorentz (former member of the “Académie du Vin de France”), the House is run until 2016 by Jean-Louis Lorentz-Klipfel, accompanied by his three daughters Anne-Sophie, Marie, and Amélie. The house is now run by another family from the wine world: the Helfrich family.

Originally from the South of Alsace, André Lorentz gave up his own domain to join his great love: Andrée, heiress of the Klipfel House in Barr. A choice of heart for this emigrant in the Bas-Rhin who decided to put his experience into the service of another name, in the 50s. He nevertheless took care to put his “Lorentz labels on bottles of Barr” as his father had mischievously advised him.

As a great sportsman, André had a taste for challenge. Member of the French Wine Academy, he has given Maison Klipfel a new impetus by developing the commercial part and multiplying the initiatives to promote Alsace wine, in France and abroad. He invested in a tasting cell, brilliantly managed by his wife.

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