Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospices

Chasselas Hunawihr


Cave de Hunawihr

The wine is pale yellow in colour with emerald reflections.
The first nose is expressive and very pleasant. Floral and honeyed notes mingle with the exuberance of exotic fruits.
The attack is supple.
The mouth is ample and refreshing.
A nice chasselas wine to share with friends.


A lovely Chasselas wine to share with a meat pie or a trout gougeonette salad with bacon sauce.

Apéritif, buffet, crudités Charcuterie, tourte, quiche Légumes cuits Poissons et crustacés (crus ou en simplicité) Poissons et crustacés (en sauce)
Chasselas 2021 Cave de Hunawihr
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