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domaine Daniel Ruff

Domaine Daniel Ruff

The Domain RUFF Daniel is from father to son for 4 generations … Our great diversity of Terroirs de Heiligenstein, and other municipalities allows us to produce very fine wines, Crémants, Vendanges Tardives, and Sélection de Grands Nobles and especially our village wine, communal appellation.

The Klevener of Heiligenstein which is produced in Heiligenstein and its few hectares around the village. Klevener of Heiligenstein, ampelographic, is a rosé savagnin, a “grand cépage”, it is mentioned for the first time in 1712 in Heiligenstein, visually the savagnin rose is presented as a small bunch, pink, very tight berries, early cepage variety, it reaches a very high maturity on its specific delimited terroir and pretends to fall maturations.

Geology: hillsides of the South East of Heiligenstein whose best soil is on the place called Schwendehiesel. This Terroir, former communal pasture disputed by several villages, it’s a poor, siliceous, limestone land which is perfectly suited to this cepage. The Klevener of Heiligenstein likes gastronomy, fish, white meats, starters, salads, meat terrines. It showcases dishes around the table, it is an original wine, of good quality that can accompany white meat, fish, foie gras and nowadays with sweet salty, spicy cuisine, Asian and Oriental cuisine. He knows how to adapt to dishes of different characters without ever crushing this dish, it’s the same for river fish.

Very attractive to the eye, a yellow robe, quite light, its nose is elegant with nuanced aromas, smoke, undergrowth and honey. Rather round at the palate, it has the right necessary in freshness and it is characterized by a beautiful length.

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