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Domaine Lipp

Domaine Lipp François & Fils

It is in Husseren Les Châteaux, a small village nestled in the heart of Alsace wineyard, 5 km from the Bartholdi city, that we find the LIPP family. it’s in the sixteenth century that the ancestors of this family, come from Bavaria, settled in Alsace, then devastated by the “Thirty Years War”. After the ravages caused by insects and fungal diseases, the situation at the beginning of the twentieth century was desperate.

Some lucid and courageous winemakers decided to save the Alsatian vineyard: Auguste Lipp was one of them. This true pioneer devoted his entire life to his field. He makes the choice to replant only noble cepages varieties, to bottle the wine and to market it to a private clientele. One of his three sons, François-Xavier worked in the same direction. With his excellent sales power, he continues the family tradition alongside his wife Marie-Liliane.

In 1992 their son Jean-François took over the family domain. He is developing new products, Crémant d’Alsace, Vendanges Tardives.. to always meet the demand of its customers. He develops export sales considerably and takes the wise decision in 2010 to drive all 8ha into organic farming. The extreme variety of the 56 parcels of the field, leads to search, for each place, the affirmation of the terroir.

Thus, the vineyard is conducted using the ancient techniques of the Alsatian winemaking tradition plowing, plucking, composting, grassing, without weeding or chemical fertilizers. A domain and a history where each generation has relentlessly put all its imagination and all its energy at the service of the quality of the wine. Because a bottle signed LIPP, is first of all the sum of the attentions and the care brought during a whole year. This is a know-how transmitted for 8 generations implemented on a daily basis.

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